I am a London based designer who left the Norwegian shores ten years ago. After completing a first class degree at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design I moved down to London, where for the past ten years I have been creating complete design and brand solutions for a wide range of clients.

I believe the quality of a design is based on the design's ability to communicate the right message to the correct audience. With years of working within a marketing team paired with a natural feel of my client’s and the market's individual design requirements, I make sure my designs are always functional as well as beautiful.

Growing up surrounded by art, colours, shape and composition became important to me at an early age. I later found a love for typography, paper and the development of brands.

In more recent years I have increasingly moved my designs online and I really enjoy the challenges and opportunities that comes with online media. The rare treat of getting my hands on some lovely paper still puts a big smile on my face though.

My clients have over the years crossed several industries. A lot of my work have been based in the food, beverage and hosptality sector, but I have also done work within the fashion, renewable energy and technology industries.

I still occationally work as a freelance design consultant for the brilliant Ignite Hospitality, and I recently had the opportunity to redesign many of the websites for Terrance Conran's company: D&D London. View the whole project here>



To find out how I can help you, give me a call on +44(0)774 996 9280
or send me an email