Organic Protein Co

Branding, Design direction, Illustration, Packaging, Print, UX, Web Design

Organic Protein Co

I have worked with this company from initial idea to a successful product, which can be found on the shelves of organic food stores and Ocado.

As the first UK supplier of organic whey protein, the essence of the brand and communication has always been based on the benefits of organic farming and their passion for animal welfare.

The illustrations and photography are paired with a strong logo to give the brand a distinctive look that communicates the company’s core message and benefits, and also help the product appeal to a female audience.

I have been doing ongoing marketing work which includes UX and UI Design for their website, packaging design, social campaigns and printed assets.

To further communicate the health benefits of the product and appeal to an audience who wants to feel better and achieve more, I developed the marketing message ‘Fuel your best’. To accompany the message I developed an illustration the same style of the packaging but with the focus on healthy and active.

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